Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dreams over Fear?

Cloudy with a little sun 24ºC

This quote which was a PS brush that Carol Hart offered to her contacts for download provoked me to think "Would I?", well after some serious thought I think "no", no has been my answer for such a long long time, I'm not an adventurous person, not one to try something new or alien.  I realise now that for me, dreams and fear does go hand in hand, one does not go without the other, the uncertainty, the unknown, the expectation...all adds up to at least a little bit of fear whenever we want to venture into our dreams, well mine anyway.

Thank you Carol for inspiring this post ... have been a little lacking in the inspiration department of late, so any help is very much appreciated.

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  1. perhaps it would depend on the fear.
    normal fears (like maiming, unnatural or painful death, etc) my answer would definitely be NO! actually, it'd like be "Hell No!"

    but other fears... hard to say. there is something of the irish in my blood that doesn't like being told what it cannot do, and that's what fear does: it puts us down and diminishes our abilities - even if they've never been tried out. to that sort of thing, i would follow my dream yes and fight against the fear. because only in facing our fears are we that much closer to overcoming them. and what triumph when we do!!