Thursday, May 30, 2013

Colour My Sydney

Gloriously Sunny 22ºC

Last night I spent a short few hours strolling our harbour to soak in the atmosphere and beauty of our annual light festival show, VIVID, that rolls round every year on the Sydney Harbour since 2009.  Didn't have time to wander round the complete 50 exhibits but the standout as in every other year is the display on the Opera I've just put together a little animated gif to highlight how beautiful it was...

Beautiful and colourful transitions projected onto the Opera House

And these are the colourful rays that produce these amazing images

Other little highlights were scattered all over the harbour and here are just a few of them...

Even some buildings were lighted up 

Anyone was welcome to do their own performance...

Museum of Contemporary Arts

We arrived just before the lights came on, which is 6pm to 12am every night until June 10th, there weren't too many people there when we started but by 8ish the crowds were really rolling in.  To take everything in I might just need another few more nights with less crowds but that may not happen this year so look forward to next year.

PS hope the poor quality of the animation isn't too distracting as I'm only a novice with animated gifs

• • • • •