Saturday, February 7, 2009

under the sun

Sunny • 31º

Fun in the Sun... winter we long for summer...when summer arrives we look forward to the cold of the winter when we can curl up with a warm cosy blanket and steaming hot cup of tea. Are we ever satisfied with what we have?
According to the weather forecast we have one more day of this glorious hot weather before a southerly will cool us all down.

Keep dreaming...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

the beginning

Sunny • 29º

Blogging for some comes so naturally, but for some typing the first line is a struggle, I am one of the latter. I had this account setup more than a couple of years ago but never had the courage to write my first line. Writing a blog is like letting other people into your mind, they will get to know you, maybe too well. I am doing this now because i need to overcome my insecurities and let go and hopefully it will help me better express myself and not be self conscious........and maybe meet a few friends along the way.

Keep dreaming...