Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015

And here we are at the time of the year when family, love & friends all get rolled up into one big happy (or disastrous for some) day of feasting, laughing, being silly and over indulging in all things.  Twenty fifteen certainly had a lot of challenges for me and I could probably sum it up in two words...OVER IT... I can say I've never really had a year where I thought it was a disaster but this year topped it.  Bring on twenty sixteen!!!

With the passing of my dad in mid January my year was never going to be a great one...looking up at the sky that night the stars seemed to have multiplied and filled up the night sky...he was now one of them watching over us, a child's ideology yes, but seemed so fitting at a time of grief...

It was also one nutter of a year with international issues at the back of everyone's minds and the humans of the world showing their bit of humanity in little ways to show support for each other, the terrorist attack in Paris on Friday 13th November, was one poignant reminder of how precious and delicate each one of us are, how easily one could just cease to exist in a split second because of the actions of another....Sydney showed it's small bit of support by colouring the Opera House and the cathedral in the French flag colours...

Onto something a little less melodramatic...the annual St Mary's Cathedral Light Show was a beautiful delight like all it's be honest I've been on a downer and never really wanted to go  but the husband suggested to go and I went along with it but usually in these cases once I get there I'm the one enjoying it most and taking load of pics, which I did.  So here is the result, the show that you shouldn't miss if you are in the area during the leadup to Christmas, but if you missed going this year here it is...Enjoy!

St Mary's Cathedral Light Show 2015 from Jessica Sue on Vimeo.

Whether your year was a great one or not so great one, tomorrow you can party the year away then recover for the next few days after that. When the clock turns over the midnight gong on the 31st the slate will be wiped clean and we can start it all over again and hopefully 2016 will bring everyone joy, good health and love but most of PEACE and definitely no war!!!!

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