Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life More Simple

Two weeks after the occasion, I find time to sit down to find the beauty of the day, both in images and in thoughts...
Congratulations to my handsome nephew and his beautiful wife...

As in all weddings I'm the first to make a beeline for the wedding cake and this one did not disappoint...simple yet sophisticated...teamed with the beautiful natural light the venue offered this was bound to be a no fail photo call.

The beautiful centre floral arrangements designed by the talented bride...

Bridal table.

My thoughts of the day? incredibly love filled day from family and friends and of course most of all between bride and groom...may their love continue to grow, blossom and flower.  It was a elegant event in an understated way...simplicity at it's best.

When you have thirteen nephews and nieces, most of whom are of marriage age, it comes as no surprise that the next happy day will be next March....YIPPEE!

Two weeks on the floral arrangement is blooming in parts and decaying in others but the beauty is still there to be found...

Calm amidst the Chaos.

•    •    •

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  1. Those are stunning photos, Jess, great work!
    Such special photos for a special day.