Sunday, January 29, 2012

old things new again

Cloudy 27ºC

Old iron found in the same place.

I am finding myself more and more drawn to old things that were such simple additions to peoples lives not so long ago (well maybe quite a few years ago, judging by the looks of these) ... but is it age or is it interests that make us start to see things differently ... these two objects, to some may be just old and ready to be trashed but to me they are an instant photography subject.  Maybe it just shows if we have been shown how they could look, we will realise once tweaked, you will see it in a total different light.

Hope you see it too...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

End of Summer break

Alas, time is so fleeting, six weeks of my children's Summer Holiday break is over in the blink of an eye, though this year we were overseas for half of that ... time to say goodbye to the lazy days and time to prepare for another year filled with schedules, school work, extra-curricular activities and a whole lot of busyness ... probably our last visit to the beach yesterday ...

A quiet moment ..

A sweet moment ...

A funny moment ...

"Rubiks Cube"
An artist's contribution to the beach.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Textures of life

Rain 23º

I love textures ... I love layers ... they can enhance an image any way you want ... brighter, dreamier, stronger, denser...the results are endless and it's all up to you to decide which way you want to go.

Just like in life, you can also enhance your life any way you want ... happier, darker, fuller, emptier, quieter, duller ... by making choices in the things you do and the things you see.  

But when processing images, we can always click the undo or delete key and start again... in LIFE, it is not that simple, we cannot just click undo to start again so careful consideration is required as we add each texture, each layer to our lives.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

six word memoirs

"plain as jane, that will change"

I am
inspired by Kim Klassen
who was
inspired by O Magazine
who was 
inspired by Smith Mag

WOW so much inspiration!

new year celebration

Family gathering for the Chinese New Year.

Lei See (red packet)...well the bw version anyway.

On the road heading to our place of celebration.

The red drop...what's a celebration without some.

Eating tool, the good old chopsticks...couldn't do without them either.

A good night had by all...Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year (Again?)!

Showers 24ºC

Yes it's Happy New Year again, for me and every other chinese person in the world...we say it again, even though I'm not living in an asian country and haven't been for the last 37 years our family still retains a small part of our original culture and celebrate with our extended families with a dinner and giving of red packets.

We are only celebrating in a small way, as opposed to the milliions of people in Asian countries that celebrate in a big way, some even have a three days across the board holiday, no exceptions, doesn't matter what industry, everything is closed.  And everyone will spend those three day holidays visiting family and friends bearing lots of lollies and red packets.

There are many traditions such as decorating their houses with red decors, flowers, sweets, chinese cakes of the savoury and sweet kinds.  All things red (symbolising good luck) are a go and everyone wears something new (symbolising a new year a new start) and preferably red would be the fashion of the day.

Just a little sneak peek into our Chinese New Year.

Lots of Reds to ring in the New Year of the Dragon ~

祝大家 新年快樂 花開富貴! 
While on my trip to Singapore we explored an antique store in Chinatown and found this Chinese Fortune Sticks set - usually found in temples where people shake the container until one of the stick fall out and take it to get their fortune told according to a few words corresponding to the number on the stick.

福 meaning blessings / good fortune

Good fortune to all who is reading this and of course we have to remember our fortunes are in our hands we can decide which path our lives take.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

magic hour

The magic hour ~ the hour before sunset can be the best hour when you're in a good mood or it can be a depressing time of the day when you're feeling down. Not sure why but for me it is the case.

Tonight I'm enjoying it with my children on an evening walk making the most of our daylight saving light. Some quiet moments and some filled with questions. These will be the moments I will look back on long after they have flew the nest, though sometimes I feel that time cannot come fast enough but there are times when I don't want it to ever come, why is being a parent so confusing? Such contradiction.

Friday, January 20, 2012

circle of life

Sunny 26ºC

Life is like a...

 merry go round
ferris wheel
water wheel

Each year after 365 days we start anew, refreshed and ready to do it all over again
but will we just trudge along and repeat the past or live the next 365 to the fullest and change life.

seasons come seasons go seasons will come again
flowers bloom flowers wither flowers will bloom again
life begins life ends
for some who will begin again

This post has been inspired by my good friend Jorunn.
She is right "Take risk, jump into each day with joy with a smile on your face and you will get one back", we should remember this every day.