Friday, August 3, 2018

Eighteen Heartstrings

An invisible tether connected us from the day you were born. From your first few shuffles of a crawl on your chubby fours to your first unsteady steps towards me, it started to gradually grow longer and stronger. At times I would lengthen it and let you take the lead but most of the time I would shorten it a little and lead your way.

Today, the tether has faded somewhat and lengthened quite a ways but it is still as strong as it was on day one.  It's now time, with mixed feelings I start to learn to loosen it but it will not be without any hesitation, worry or anxiousness but I can say it will be combined with lots of happiness and pride to see you morph into a fine well mannered determined young man.


Time has flown, I always wondered how to slow it down, only to find that it seemed to speed up as each year passed. And here we are at the end of our journey together, with me in the lead. Your journey now will be yours to shape and plan. Wishing the roads you choose to go down are more smooth than bumpy but sometimes bumpy can be fun too so make the most of them.

Thank you for sharing and giving me these simple happy 18 years with you! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my boy!!!  

I wish you the all the happiness in the world!!!

Remember I will always be on the other end of that tether, maybe a little further than before...all you need to do is turn around... I will be there!

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