Saturday, May 31, 2014


Cloudy 20ºC

It is here again, the annual Vivid Light Festival set on the Sydney Harbour,  Sydneysiders have come to love this creative collage of lights in and on all forms, in particular the 3D light displays on all the landmark buildings…and if you like me are an avid photographer then this one would be 'The Event' of the year…and judging by how many folds the crowds have grown, I think many non avid photographers think so too.

Thinking back to the first time I went when it all began in 2009, when it was with much less fanfare than it is today and undoubtedly much less the crowds, I had just got my hands on my very first SLR, with no tripod in hand, we know how those photos came out…but it was enough to get me hooked.

The display on the Opera House, many would agree must be the highlight of the festival, everyone is bound to get a front seat space to admire or photograph the colourful icon…

Light show on iconic Sydney Opera House.

While I love the openness of the Opera House display I also quite like the MCA building light show with it's many human silhouettes…it adds a little taste of what the atmosphere was like on the night and most every other night whilst the show is one…

3D Light show on the Museum of Contemporary Arts building.

Besides the 3D light shows there are plenty to see and the one that I thought was a standout is the water feature setup in Martin Place…a cycle of words and patterns written by the falling water droplets...

A few more of the displays I managed to capture among many more that I didn't get a chance to…

White rabbits under the bridge.

#vividsydney sign…out of the way but strategically placed to show off our beautiful icon.

Some more of our other beautiful icon…

That's all for now but I should be back for more…I'm not good with crowds, I tend to not want to take photos of the displays if there are too many people near them…which rules out 90% of the displays…must make more of an effort…this is three hours worth of my night which probably translates into one photography hour.

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