Monday, June 2, 2014

Up Top Shoot

Mixed bag 22ºC

I have always loved shooting from above, whether it be food (a lot of foodie photographers would agree with me here), flowers or just simple everyday life stuff, I find it a very interesting and simple angle, effectively turning a 3D subject into a flat 2D image…and it sometimes can produce a very different picture to what you have in mind the subject would produce.

Digging through my archives I found some that I think are great examples of what I mean, that I have done in the last few years…

A tall green bottle rendered into a round ball with a hole.

Leaf sitting atop some 100s & 1000s inside a jar. 

A coffee cup betrayed by it's own shadow.

An egg rendered to resemble the moonscape.

But on my recent trip to the Gold Coast, I found the ultimate up top shot from way up quite by accident  really {of course I have seen many of these shots professionally done}, sitting in the middle seat I wasn't really expecting to shoot from the window but as we flew over beautiful Sydney I couldn't help myself {most who know me will know I often get like that}, off handedly leaned over and disregarding my poor sister who was in the window seat, took some shots out the window not expecting to get any good shots.  But surprisingly I came up trumps and managed a shot over the, I'm guessing, the northern shores of Sydney, even now I can't quite work out where this is…

I know the reflections are not helping this but the little boats,
buildings and curves off the shorelines just makes the image.

We also got the chance to stay at the Q1 Resorts and spent some time on the level 77 viewing deck to continue my new found shooting angle…

Some unsuspecting swimmers who had no idea they were being spied on from up in the skies.

A destination I would love to shoot up top from.

Some high speeders having some fun.

My rather delicious tasting steak sandwich.

Photography is about experimenting, there are no rights or wrongs, just what feels right for you is what is right.

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