Thursday, June 5, 2014


There were plenty of these cruisers full of Vivid admirers.

Rain 21ºC

We are lucky, we live in near one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, sounds a little boastful I know…but if you have ever flown into Sydney by night all lighted up you would find it very difficult to disagree with me.  And when one of the most amazing light festivals come to town, one visit is just not enough…so last night I went with my little family for another visit, as I had done the MCA and the Opera House the first night I was there, this night would be about the little ones, I found that there were less of the smaller displays compared to last year but I personally thought they were much better in design {some might disagree…one of them just happens to be my hubby} and they were more interactive.

We began as we did last time in Martin Place, unfortunately the water feature that I photographed last time was no longer there, why?, not sure…malfunction, safety issues or just wasn't right for the festival?…it's just gone, I had hoped my kids got to see it. But there were still lots to see…

With this head display you can actually project your own image onto the displays face, quite a novelty for people up for the queueing.

Along the shores of the harbour were various interactive displays...

Despite all the commotion around them these two girls still had time to
be on their phones.

Strictly Sydney…a dance floor.

A wall of projected Magnolias.

And ending with some more beautiful pics of the Harbour Bridge…

I have yet to venture to the Darling Harbour part of the Vivid, not sure I'll make it there this year as there is only one weekend left and I don't really fancy the shoulder to shoulder crowds that the last weekends are famous for…maybe next year.

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