Sunday, November 24, 2013

Looking Back

Sunny 26ºC

Looking back through the archives of one of my older hard drives a few days ago, I stumbled on photos from our trip to Batemans Bay in two thousand and nine.  Found a few that weren't very significant shots that I took during our trips to the beach that Winter's break but I thought they provoke a lot of my fond memories of them still at that pliable age where I was still an apple in their eye, especially Maddy who was still only six then…not that I'm not anymore but they don't readily accept everything I say as what they want to hear now as they did then.

Found some quotes that portray my feelings somewhat...

Some may think that taking photos during holidays and such are spoiling the moment, that we should enjoy the moment as it is and not feel the need and waste time taking photos…on this I totally disagree, without these captured treasured moments, four years down the track I'm very unlikely going to remember these little happenings and until I went through the archives I had totally forgotten these few gems that froze those moments that can never come back to memory otherwise.

Capture those moments so they can be enjoyed many years down the road we travel.

Footnote: Today we put our Christmas lights up outside, they're not fully up yet but hopefully by the end of the week they will be plugged in and lighted up…very excited Christmas is around the corner.

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