Sunday, February 24, 2013


28ºC Thunderstorms and Humid

I've lived in Sydney since I was six, my first visit to Melbourne was when I was about 9, my second and most recent visit was many many years later, last month...a trip I took with my five sisters and my two two young children enjoyed the trip as much as their older travel mates...which proves Queensland isn't the only place in Australia that children want to visit.

 All the Desserts on offer at our Docklands lunch

During our five days four nights short trip to Melbourne we did a round road trip of almost 800 km beginning and ending at Tullamarine Domestic Airport...during this trip we only stepped foot into Melbourne city once on the first day to enjoy our first delicious meal...buffet the Docklands...that set the tone for the rest of the holiday.

Some boys enjoying the beautiful surroundings

Spectacular scenery along the beautiful and windy Great Ocean Road

Melbourne is a destination I have always associated shopping and eating with, these are the feedback I get from most people I have known that have visited, many of whom visit numerous times.  So while planning our itinerary we hoped to see outside of the CBD and to our surprise the scenery was spectacular...amongst the many highlights, one standout was the Great Ocean Road, which runs along the coastline to the Twelve Apostles...four hours of crystal clear beaches with water in all shades of blue and green with sheer cliff faces on the other side of the road.

But the most definite highlight of the trip for me was the moment I realised I've found the place where I knew my heart was...that moment was when I stepped off the Queenscliff to Sorrento Ferry and arrrived in Sorrento on the tip of the Mornington just hit me "this is it"...not exactly sure why...maybe it was the pristine beach with only a handful of people bathing in them, the long jetty...I'm not sure.  That feeling is still with me today.  But at this stage of my life shifting abodes is just not an option...looks like I'll have to keep this dream under wraps for now...hopefully one day in the future it can be unwrapped.

If given the time I would've loved to explore more of is definitely a hidden treasure that is within my day.  In the meantime I'll keep dreaming those dreams...especially the ones that make me smile.

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