Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blood Moon...It's Not To Be

So for the second time this year, last night, we all prepared and were excited to be amazed by the sight of a blood moon caused by the lunar eclipse that everyone was talking about... and for the second time this year we Sydneysiders were disappointed yet again, the blood moon was washed out by a cloudy sky...this was as much as I was going to see last night {I considered myself lucky} though I know a few were a little luckier than I and saw it more bloodier than this...

But we made a wise choice, this eclipse, to wait it out at Coogee Beach rather than Maroubra Beach, so there was plenty of pretty lights to distract ourselves while we secretly hoped that the moon would decide to make a bigger appearance than ten seconds...with all that time we had a play with some LE...

Heavenly spot on the horizon where the bright moon shone through a hole in the sky.

Coogee Life Saving Club and rockpools.

Taken from the morth end of Coogee Beach.

I wonder if this fisherman was there fishing while waiting for the blood moon or just fishing and wondering why there was suddenly an influx of people visiting the beach and it's surrounds on this crazy cloudy night...

 Hope you were one of the lucky few in Sydney to get a better glimpse of the ever elusive blood moon than I.

•    •    •


  1. I didn't see the blood moon — forgot all about it, actually. I am sorry that your view was mostly obstructed by clouds, that is such a bummer. :( Still, all of these are wonderful, beautiful photos, and with the LE, you did great! I think my favorite is the last, the fisherman; I love the motion and texture and light of the water, and the silhouette of the man. Works great as a vertical shot!

  2. Thanks for popping in Andrea...sometimes life gets a little hectic and take priority. Hope you are finding happy moments with your camera.