Friday, October 3, 2014

Springtime in Mono

Cloudy 18ºC

Spring has arrived and my hard drive is filling up with this year's new blooms, though I hope it doesn't develop hayfever like many I know including me...wouldn't want any hiccups with it.  

Spring is usually associated with colour and I fully appreciate why...but I like to have other options when playing around with my I thought I would try to convert a few for you, sometimes images will take on a different feel and mood without the distraction of colour getting in the way...although I do have a preference for black and white images at times so I am a little biased, some that don't agree with me and think it is just plain boring...hope these will images will show another side of an image sans colour...

I find that simplicity sometimes works best but high contrast also can work quite positively with black and white...

In saying all of this, with some images I'm so torn between colour or mono that while I'm processing I keep clicking backwards and forwards between colour  & b&w trying to decide which I like better...then end up saving one of each...just like the image below,  by removing the colour I also removed the warmth of the sun but the mono also has a mood that the former doesn't...

But my moto with processing has always been play around with your options because one simple adjustment can be the difference between a good image and a extraordinary one!  Experiment is the key!!!   Happy processing!

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