Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Make a Wish

Cloudy 21ºC

It is simple, consists of many little fluffly seeds, white and round....if you have never looked at it closely it would be just another annoying weed that grows abundantly in your backyards...it is really a very pretty delicate flower...up close, each little seed is a flower in its own right, perched symmetrically upon a pin cushion like base.  Enjoy a macro look into the Taraxacum Officinale, also known as the humble "dandelion" flower...

When seeing them in macro they always remind me of fireworks, every one of them.

But before all that prettiness...this little yellow flower is what makes it all happen...

If you would like to witness the transformation from yellow petals to white seeds click here to see the amazing timelapse video by Neil Bromhall from beginning to end.

You may now close your eyes...make a wish and blow...

•    •    •


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos, Jessica!
    I love how you've put the one in the vase, your angles and focus- perfect.
    And they do look like fireworks up close.