Sunday, October 5, 2014

Peace Is...

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"Peace cannot be kept by force, It can only be achieved by understanding.”
― Albert Einstein

Hong Kong is my country of birth and where I called home for the first six years of my life...even though my memory of those early years are almost next to none, I spent extended periods of time there creating my own impression of it and along the way made many happy memories of my own there.  In my opinion, it is a unique city where there is no other like it, a place where the east and the west co-exist in an extraordinary partnership...taking the best of both worlds and merging it into one...which results in a pretty awesome place that is buzzing day and night.

So when in the past week, witnessing the unrest unravelling on tv, it was with a feeling of shock and disbelief that such an ordered and heads down bum up working attitude society would have resorted to this kind of reaction...I won't go into the for and against of things, which certainly are dividing friends, parents and children, siblings and even couples, anyone who has had or have any association with this unique city...both sides have their valid points. But it seems that as the protests have continued the situation seems to have lost the meaning it was originally set up to be.

Sometimes there will be imperfections...

I am one of those people that live in a political blur...

I sincerely hope that things will be returned to normal and the change we all want for Hong Kong will gradually be put in place...some things just cannot be rushed and expect to be achieved overnight.  

PEACE is ... Patience and Understanding.

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