Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reflections on Life Love and Laughter

bbrrrr… it's been a cold start to Winter this year, most days since the start of June have been in the mid to high teens and when we get the occasional 20 degree day we have to soak it all in to get us through the cold ones...although our Autumn was relatively warm this first month of Winter is making me wish Spring would get a move on and defrost us again.

Recently I was going through my sister's Gold Coast photos and found this…an image that would immediately bring the word Reflection to mind, the foremost meaning is of course the image projected on the glass tabletop, which mind you this would be a perfect example of, but then my mind would turn to the other definition of reflection...serious thought or this was taken during a trip my five sisters and I took recently, of course this made me reflect on our relationship...

Credits: Condy Lam.

I have an amazing set of sisters, five of them to be exact.  I am the youngest so I do get a little too self absorbed in myself {as most youngest siblings do at times} but all I need to do is spend some time with them and I will pull myself back in line and am able to see the bigger picture easier.  My greatest fortune is that I do get to learn and absorb from them all the positive attitudes that they have to life and our surroundings.  I am not one for expressing my thoughts easily {especially verbally} so I don't often let them know how much they are an influence in my life, but they are.

Laughter is what rings out whenever we're together {a little too loud according to some}.  Sometimes it may be a little hard for people around us to understand our little world.  Our minds think alike and are at times in sync with each other where we have the same thoughts at the same time even when we are not in the same space together or say the same words at the same time when we are in the same space...and at most times we need only say the first few words and we will know what the rest is.

Just wanted to say...
Love you guys, you are all an inspiration in my life more than you could know.

From left: Mei, Grace, Condy, myself, Ming, Wah

My reflection and Me...

Credits: Condy Lam

Credits: Mei Leong

Some more reflections...

I hope that you are all as blessed as I am to have your own set of sisters...brothers...cousins...friends that affect you the same way that they do me.

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