Friday, January 20, 2012

circle of life

Sunny 26ºC

Life is like a...

 merry go round
ferris wheel
water wheel

Each year after 365 days we start anew, refreshed and ready to do it all over again
but will we just trudge along and repeat the past or live the next 365 to the fullest and change life.

seasons come seasons go seasons will come again
flowers bloom flowers wither flowers will bloom again
life begins life ends
for some who will begin again

This post has been inspired by my good friend Jorunn.
She is right "Take risk, jump into each day with joy with a smile on your face and you will get one back", we should remember this every day.


  1. beautiful, and so true.
    we are full of seasons.
    unless you live on the equator... then you're missing this whole thing (wink)

  2. Hi Lil M,
    Long time no talk....we are lucky to feel all the beautiful seasons, each with it's very own positives.
    Jess x