Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year (Again?)!

Showers 24ºC

Yes it's Happy New Year again, for me and every other chinese person in the world...we say it again, even though I'm not living in an asian country and haven't been for the last 37 years our family still retains a small part of our original culture and celebrate with our extended families with a dinner and giving of red packets.

We are only celebrating in a small way, as opposed to the milliions of people in Asian countries that celebrate in a big way, some even have a three days across the board holiday, no exceptions, doesn't matter what industry, everything is closed.  And everyone will spend those three day holidays visiting family and friends bearing lots of lollies and red packets.

There are many traditions such as decorating their houses with red decors, flowers, sweets, chinese cakes of the savoury and sweet kinds.  All things red (symbolising good luck) are a go and everyone wears something new (symbolising a new year a new start) and preferably red would be the fashion of the day.

Just a little sneak peek into our Chinese New Year.

Lots of Reds to ring in the New Year of the Dragon ~

祝大家 新年快樂 花開富貴! 
While on my trip to Singapore we explored an antique store in Chinatown and found this Chinese Fortune Sticks set - usually found in temples where people shake the container until one of the stick fall out and take it to get their fortune told according to a few words corresponding to the number on the stick.

福 meaning blessings / good fortune

Good fortune to all who is reading this and of course we have to remember our fortunes are in our hands we can decide which path our lives take.

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