Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Mini Tonado weather 21ºC

Oh my how these last nine years have flown by... like a blink of the eye... how you've changed...
Happy birthday Maddy! ... my hopes and dreams for you is the same as all the other mothers in this world ... grow with good health..happy mind..kind heart..and most of all never be afraid to chase your dreams.

Password: maddy

Publishing this a day after her actual birthday, as inspiration is a funny thing, when it hits the urge to get it done is instant ... felt this urge at 10.30pm yesterday so spent the next two hours creating it then uploading to Vimeo ... who took a while to start the conversion ... hence a day late.

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  1. Incredible!! What wonderful images of your beautiful daughter! So lucky to have a natural model (actually looks like 2) in the family. Happy Birthday Maddy!! Keep posing for your Mom. You're a natural!

    1. I just wish Kathy, these were taken about a year ago when she was still a willing model, nowadays I'm not so lucky...well at least I have these to look back to. Hope you are well Kathy, take care.