Saturday, November 26, 2011

a very special person...

Morning: Rain (again) 18ºC
Afternooon: Sunny (finally) 27ºC

My beautiful niece.

With my daughter

Sometimes if you're lucky you will have someone in your life that just amazes you no end.  

I am one of the lucky ones, a special girl who happens to be my niece is just that someone in my life.  
She is strong, beautiful (inside and outside), inspirational, caring, giving, easy to talk to....the list just goes on.  
When she is around the sun shines brighter, the laughter louder and the words more sweeter. 
 In some ways her life has not always been the smoothest but you could never tell, always bubbly and cheerful, never to burden others with it. 

She has her dreams and hopes just like any other girl but I know she can and will achieve all of it plus more.

Her name is Cassandra, to some she's me she is just Cass.
Love you Cass.
Believe and you will achieve.

Share yours and keep dreaming...

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