Thursday, November 24, 2011

how about a cuppa...

showers 16ºC

"Would you like a cuppa?" a question that I usually reply with "Yes please", do you?

Not sure about you but mine is an automatic response, for me I think it has some sort of social relevance, on the odd occasion I probably didn't particularly want one but because I wanted to be social.  
Refusing one is like refusing to be social with the person offering, at the time I don't conciously think that but in afterthought it occurs to me that occasionally that could be the feeling. 
So now when I offer someone a cuppa, I think, do they really want one or are they just trying to be social.

Guess whatever the reason it's nice to have company when having a cuppa.

Think I'll go now to have mine, before it gets cold.

Keep sipping and dreaming...

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