Friday, November 25, 2011


Rain 21ºC

This image has special meaning to me, something I need to be thankful for.

As most of you know today is America's thanksgiving day, even though I'm living on the otherside of the world, it has me thinking...

Gratitude, thankful, appreciation .... just some words we could use to describe feelings we should feel everyday, just for being here, in this sometimes wonderful, sometimes not so wonderful world of ours.  But everyone being the busy people we are, just never give these words a thought most days.  So dedicating a day in the year just to stop and reflect, be with family (the ones who matter the most) and be thankful for everything we have (though at times we may not think it's enough) is a great tradition to have.  

Be thankful and keep dreaming...


  1. Lovely shot and beautiful words.

  2. beautiful sentiment and image; lovely processing. thank you {coming from texture tuesdays}

  3. How true your words are. Nice image too!

  4. Lovely image with the soft and sweet watering can!

  5. Thank you everyone, I am full of gratitude.