Monday, February 13, 2012

So Far This Year

Cloudy 25ºC

Idyllic ...

Centennial Park on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

It's been a month since arriving back from my holidays and gradually I have continued my photography from where I left off last year with my last Project 365 post on 31st December ... and may I just say it has been an idyllic journey so far. Unlike the "must get the shot everyday" feeling, it has been "well if nothing gets shot or uploaded today there's always tomorrow", I am truly enjoying the process now.  

Don't get me wrong Project 365 was totally amazing, a challenge every amateur photographer should do, the intensity and sense of achievement is almost enough to push you through.  I did say almost because you do also need a great support group to give you that extra push when you just don't feel like picking up the camera, to get you over that finish line. My support group consisted of many amazing photographers [and you all know who you are], some also on their very own 365 journey and others who are on journeys of their very own, thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Enjoying a leisurely stroll at the park ...

Take the time, have a stroll at your park and keep dreaming ...

•    •    •

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