Saturday, June 8, 2013

Alternative Photography

Cloudy...Late Rain 21ºC

Photography has been my full time hobby for the last three years and has been a love of mine since my son was born nine years prior to that.  Since then I had spent two thousand and eleven embarking on and completing my Project 365, a photo taken every day and posted on photography site Flickr, for the entire year and am currently half way through my second attempt at completing another Project 365.

Not long ago I stumbled upon a photography technique called ICM - Intentional Camera Movement, whereby the camera is rotated or moved in one direction - diagonal, horizontal or vertical to create an abstract and/or artistic result in the image.

These are some of my recent attempts at this technique...

Willow Trees in Centennial Park

Maroubra Beach at sunset

When I got this shot on screen, I was surprised at the result...

Seagull at Maroubra Beach at sunset

Another form of ICM is intentional camera blur which gives off an impressionist painting look whilst still maintaining the form of the original image and produces bokeh to no end when light is involved...

It's always loads of fun experimenting with different techniques and seeing the results, most of the time you get some nice surprises, of course there times that they are put in the trash as well...but that's the fun of experimenting.

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