Sunday, December 4, 2011

Is the grass really greener...

Windy and Rain 21ºC

...on the other side of the fence?

I think to have this notion, whether true or not, is definitely a good thing for us.  At least then we have something to dream and strive for, otherwise our lives would pretty boring.

I'm sure though, even when we get the courage to jump that fence and get to the other side there is always another one waiting for us.

Would you jump that fence?

 keep dreaming...


  1. sometimes i wonder if it's not sometimes helpful to ask WHY the grass is greener on the other side, when - in fact - it is! if we look at a literal use of the word grass and it being greener than our neighbor's, it could simply be because our neighbor takes better care of his grass than i do. he waters it bi-weekly and i ... don't... ever....

    there is really no shame in acknowledging that in some instances, yes, the grass is greener, but then we need to look introspectively and see if there is anything we are not doing so that OUR grass can be green too. there is no need to fence jump in this case, since we have the lot given to us and must make the best of it.

    the real damage is in pining after the other's grass without being willing to work to make one's own grass just as beautiful.

  2. Well said Lil'M. Very nice to see things from a contented perspective.