Monday, October 12, 2015

Spring Twenty Fifteen

Spring is...

the season after winter and before summer
in which vegetation begins to appear
in the northern hemisphere from March to May and 
in the southern hemisphere from September to November...

...and is an explosion of colours all round us, from pastel hues to strong contrast purples and reds.

Someone who's very happy Spring has come round

Every Spring we look forward to the tulips festival "The Floriade" held in Canberra and it didn't disappoint...tulips of all shades and shapes were blooming at their best when we visited accompanied by a few other florals but the tulips were definitely the the end of my visit I had seen enough tulips to last me till next year or beyond.

The Floriade without the ferris wheel wouldn't be The Floriade

From pastels to burgundy... 

And as always I always love to process some to outside of it's natural state... end Spring with some abstracts that I just love...

...hope you are unlike me and can breeze through Spring without a sneeze or itchy eye.

•   •   •

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