Friday, July 6, 2012

Winter Break

Early rain / afternoon sunshine 16ºC

Having taken a week off from work for the kid's school Winter break I've secretly enjoyed the five days I've spent with them, no complaints, no tantrums, with Katy Perry's Firework constantly sung into my ear (both of them are currently obsessed with this song). 

We've taken in a movie, strolled through the museum, they went swimming with a friend while I sat by the pool, happily finishing off the last few pages of the last book in the Girl With A Dragon Tattoo trilogy (which I highly recommend by the way) for four hours. Then to top it off I sat at the ice skating rink for another four hours in near freezing temperatures, thankfully not on the same day, while they skated their way to sore feet and cold noses. 

Along the way we had a fish and chips lunch in the car on a rain and wind swept day by the beachside, sat at a local cafe, Teascapes, amongst movie star posters and images to indulge our tastebuds, with lots of homemade sandwiches in between all of that. All in all I think all three of us had a funfilled few days. Back to work next week while they have another week to while away before the next school term resumes. *Sigh* think these will be the days we will smile back on.

 Lunch at Teascapes Cafe.

Framed image of Marilyn Munroe at the Teascapes Cafe,
one amongst walls full of others.

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  1. Always remember you when posting my summer pics, to help cheer you in the Winter blahs. Sadly, summer has only JUST arrived so you should seem more brightness to come and ENOUGH of the rain!!

    Glad you had a lovely time with your girls - am sure they enjoyed it thoroughly as well, having mummy home with them.

    1. Glad I've made such an impression, it's extremely cold and wet over here as well (well as cold as Sydney can get)...would love to see some Summer warmth.